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WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 31, 2021) – As President Biden prepares to lay out a broad infrastructure vision for the nation, the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) today released key findings from an economic outlook analysis to identify trends and strategic opportunities for the U.S. tire manufacturing industry over the next five years and relevant issues influencing transportation. The analysis, conducted in late 2020 by a top economist, provides insights into four focus areas—economic impact and recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, digital transformation, changing societal views on mobility and environmental stewardship.   

“There is a natural connection between priorities of the tire manufacturing industry and revitalizing infrastructure. The safety and sustainability of the life cycle of our products depends on having safe bridges and roads to travel, and even exploring how recycled tires can help create longer-lasting roads,” said Anne Forristall Luke, president and CEO of USTMA. "And as we are grateful for the signs of recovery our sector has experienced in recent months, including better-than-expected results for tire shipments in 2020, we are also encouraged that some of the key report findings align with strategic initiatives already underway within the tire manufacturing sector.”

“Our experience navigating the impacts of the pandemic reaffirmed that tire manufacturing is a resilient and essential industry driving the economic engine of the United States, and supporting more than 284,000 jobs,” added Forristall Luke.

Topline findings of the analysis include:


In 2020, COVID-19 brought a deep global recession that cut consumer spending, hurt industrial production, and up-ended normal business planning.

The collapse in travel for work, pleasure, and shopping in 2020 drove demand for virtually all goods and services associated with travel down sharply.  As a result, spending on both new and used light vehicles fell by nearly a third, while spending on tires fared comparatively better, only falling 15 percent from February to April, while total consumer spending slumped nearly 19 percent.

As our momentum accelerates coming out of a turbulent year, our members advocate and innovate to adapt to a “new normal” protecting the nearly 100,000 tire manufacturing workers employed across 17 states. From securing our position as an essential industry at the onset of the pandemic to sustaining and creating new jobs, and supporting vaccination efforts, we remain focused on restoring and reinvigorating our workforce and the tire manufacturing industry.


The accelerating pace of digital transformation continues, with the rollout of 5G technology and the shift to electric and automated vehicles gathering significant traction. 

Our members continue to partner and invest in research and development to support digital transformation, improve efficiencies, and bring innovative and safe products to market, including:



COVID-19 has disrupted social mobility preferences and accelerated existing societal shifts in mobility.

A few evolving trends USTMA’s members are following:

  • Early on during the pandemic, millennials were adopting more classic Gen-X behavior, including a growing affinity for suburban living where driving rates are higher, after facing restricted mobility due to lockdowns.

  • At the same time, the dramatic drop seen in commuting patterns, greater reliance on e-commerce and demand for last-mile delivery services will remain significant factors in shaping mobility—even after a full vaccine roll out.

  • USTMA companies like Michelin are engaging younger demographics to better understand future mobility habits.


Action on climate is a growing focus for consumers, investors, and policy makers. There is a growing expectation for federal action to address climate change.

USTMA members are committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout a tire’s life cycle, including:

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