USTMA Advocacy

USTMA is hard at work on behalf of the U.S. tire manufacturing industry before federal and state policymakers. Our work spans a broad range of the industry’s strategic priorities and focuses on supporting and advocating smart, proactive legislation and regulation. Read on to learn more about some of the industry's priority issues.  

Supporting proactive legislation 

  • Infrastructure investment and modernization 

  • Scrap tire market development 

  • Climate policy 

Advocating for smart regulations 

  • Tire safety, performance and innovation 

  • Tire consumer information and standards 

  • Environmental stewardship 


USTMA 2024 Legislative Priorities

With the second session of the 118th Congress underway, the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) and our member companies continue our efforts to engage with you and your staff to advance road safety, tire innovation, environmental stewardship and manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Sustainable Infrastructure 

USTMA is the industry’s leader in educating Congress about the urgent need to promote competitiveness and safety by improving America’s crumbling infrastructure.

Sustainable Scrap Tire Markets  

USTMA members share the goal that 100% of scrap tires enter sustainable and circular end-use markets. 

Tire Materials 

As global leaders in manufacturing, USTMA member companies embrace a shared responsibility of helping to achieve a more sustainable society.

Tire Safety and Performance Standards

Tire manufacturers are subject to numerous federal and state regulations affecting safety, the environment, labor, trade and others. USTMA works closely with regulators to educate them about new developments, share data and advocate for effective regulation that improves safety and enhances environmental protection without inhibiting job creation or economic growth.

Climate Principles

USTMA members are committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout a tire’s life cycle. Read more about USTMA’s climate policy positions


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