Used Tires

Can you trust used tires as replacements? You don’t know where they’ve been. Or how they’ve been treated. Find out why USTMA thinks going used is a risky proposition.

Used Tires—A Risky Alternative

Once a tire has been mounted on a vehicle and driven, it’s considered a used tire. Once a used tire is resold as a replacement, it’s a risky proposition for motorists.

While new tires must meet stringent federal safety standards to be sold in the U.S., worn tires can be resold as used with virtually no restrictions.

Used tires come with many unknowns. How was it used? Was it stored properly? Was it safely maintained? Was it ever repaired?

Every variable has a major impact on driver safety. Damaged or improperly maintained tires are outright dangerous to all drivers.  

Hidden concerns

You might think you can spot a damaged tire by sight, but you can’t. For example, you can only see damage or improper repairs to a tire’s inner liner after demounting it from the wheel. Even then, only a qualified service professional can make that determination.

A unified voice for safety

USTMA works to educate policymakers and consumers about the dangers of unsafe used tires. We are advocating for state laws that prohibit the installation of used tires with conditions that pose a significant motorist safety risk. 

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