Tire Innovations Front and Center at CES 2020

The future of mobility and transportation were a key focus at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Three tire manufactures showcased their latest innovations as the industry focuses on the leading the future of mobility.

Bridgestone presented its puncture-proof, “Advanced Air-Free” tire that will never go flat. The tire includes strong and durable spokes surrounded by recycled resins and rubber tread that offers uninterrupted and extended mobility.

"CES presents Bridgestone with a unique opportunity to demonstrate how we are transforming to become the most trusted partner for mobility solutions," said TJ Higgins, vice president and senior officer, global chief strategic officer, Bridgestone. "Bridgestone has a nearly 90-year history of using technology and research to develop advanced products, services and solutions for a world in motion. As we look to the future, we are combining our core tire expertise with a wide range of digital solutions to deliver connected products and services that promote safe, sustainable mobility and continue contributing to society's advancement."

Bridgestone also demonstrated its digital twin tire technology that uses tire sensors and proprietary knowledge to generate specific, actionable predictions in connected vehicles to enhance the vehicle’s safety.

Goodyear launched its “AndGo” service platform that will connect its service networks, intelligent tires and predictive software to help consumer fleets schedule routine maintenance and reduce downtime. The AndGo platform allows fleet managers to focus on customers. Additionally, Goodyear announced the creation of the Goodyear venture capital fund, Goodyear Ventures, with an initial $100 million targeted for new investments in mobility solutions over the next 10 years.

“Goodyear is a technology-driven mobility company that seeks out and partners with other mobility thought leaders ranging from small startups to proven business models. Goodyear Ventures will take this effort to the next level to engage and shape how people move in the future,” said Goodyear’s Chairman, CEO and President Richard J. Kramer.

Continental won CES’ 2020 Innovation Award for its “transparent hood” in the Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation category which showcased the company’s commitment to safe, convenient and efficient mobility solutions. The “transparent hood” allows drivers to see the ground and obstacles below the vehicle using four satellite cameras and the vehicles electronic control unit.

Dr. Dirk Abendroth, chief technology officer (CTO) for Continental said they were there to "demonstrate how we are shaping the future and how we are creating a wow-factor in mobility in the areas of software, high-performance computing, safety, user-experience and connectivity.”

Manufactures also showcased a number of emerging technologies that will continue to shape mobility.

Continental also showcased its ongoing work with technology partners to integrate ultra-wideband technology in vehicles that will make operating keyless vehicles more secure and convenient. The company is leading in developing the UWB standard in the Car Connectivity Consortium as it looks to integrate the technology into future vehicles.


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