Sustainable Manufacturing

Tire manufacturing has experienced a major transformation in recent years as companies have proactively embraced more sustainable practices and products. See what’s changing in both the how and what.

Production Goes Green

USTMA members are making significant progress to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint. Together, we invest in sustainable manufacturing practices and materials that are good for drivers and our planet. 

Improving both energy efficiency and air quality at our factories, we have largely switched to natural gas to power boilers and reduced air emissions of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). USTMA members proactively eliminated aromatic oils from tire production in the U.S. and are substituting more plant-based oils for petroleum-based oils.


Exploring New Materials

We continue to conduct research to incorporate more biogenic materials into tires without sacrificing essential safety performance.

We are currently collaborating with global counterparts on several research projects to better understand the health and environmental impacts of tire materials. We are also studying the effects of tire wear particles generated during normal use and wear.

Much of this research is conducted by the industry through the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Tire Industry Project. All USTMA companies are members of the

WBCSD, and are working through the WBCSD to develop a uniform set of key performance indicators for sustainable tire manufacturing.


Our Most Precious Resource  

The most valuable resource in our industry is people. For USTMA members, safeguarding employees with sustainable workplace practices is always a top priority.  

Between 2005-2015, our industry reduced the rate of workplace injury and illness by 50 percent. USTMA members continue to refine practices, striving for even fewer incidents. Each year, USTMA recognizes member achievements that exemplify this goal through the Safety and Health Improvement Program.

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